Truckload Services


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Schneider is the only choice for high-value or time-sensitive freight.

Two drivers, one truck and a sense of urgency—that’s our expedited service. No one gets it there faster, safer, or more securely. With more than 1,000 teams on the road around the clock, Schneider’s expedited service is the perfect solution for time-critical shipments and high-value loads.

High-value freight stays secure with Schneider.

We do everything possible to protect your freight and our security record proves it. That begins with aggressive safety and security training for drivers, as well as a dedicated loss-prevention team that develops and implements proprietary safety procedures. From there we can modify specific processes to ensure your individual security requirements are met.  We have procedures to ensure proper pickup and delivery, and employ our nationwide network of secure lots and satellite monitoring to make sure your cargo arrives on time and in-tact. No wonder so many companies trust our expedited service to move the world’s most wanted products.

When you need freight moved quickly, there’s only one call to make.  

Whether you’re stuck with a last-minute schedule change, or an emergency shipment that just has to arrive on time, Schneider has you covered.  We have the trucks, the teams, and the network you need to pick up your truckload, move it quickly and put your mind at ease. 

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