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Specialty Equipment

No matter what truck you need, if you can name it, odds are we know how to run it.

It takes a lot of capital to run and service a specialty fleet, especially when running that fleet is not a core competency of your business. With Schneider Dedicated Services, you have the opportunity to preserve that capital, optimize your fleet and stay in full control of your operation. In addition to the basics of equipment, drivers and training, we bring innovative thinking that sources the right equipment and engineers your network to ensure you get the most out of every truck.

The equipment and expertise you need to deliver on every promise.

  • 5,000 pieces of confidence and growing
    We own and deploy 5,000 pieces of specialty equipment (reefer, flatbed, dump, lift gate, etc.) every day and we bring that knowledge and experience to help you run your fleet more effectively.
  • A sharp eye on costs
    We optimize every transportation operation we run. Especially those with highly specialized needs.
  • Efficiency at every opportunity
    We use our innovative thinking to find the best solutions for your fleet, source that equipment, and lower your operating costs through with network engineering no one else can match.
  • Industry-beating performance
    We demand 99% or better on-time delivery performance in every Schneider Dedicated Services operation. That includes your operation, too.

Take another look at how we can help you preserve capital and find the best solutions for your specialty fleet. Send a note to and ask us to prove it.

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