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Bulk Intermodal
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Bulk Intermodal

 Schneider makes short work of long-haul Bulk loads.
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Schneider’s Bulk Intermodal trailer service provides more possibilities for your supply chain. Responsible Care logo This exclusive service is one more way Schneider is creating more capacity to keep up with your growing needs — especially for long-haul deliveries outside chemical production areas.

  • Capacity
    As shippers look for more ways to move bulk products, Intermodal service provides you a compelling option to help meet your customers’ needs.
  • Control
    With Schneider’s rail relationships and company-owned dray assets, we deliver a truck-like experience with all the control and accountability you need to ensure flawless performance.
  • Reliability
    Our Bulk Intermodal trailer service consistently delivers at standard transit plus 1-2 days. Plus, our 40-foot intermodal trailers load and unload like a trailer, unlike an ISO 20-foot container.
  • Efficiencies
    Competitive line haul rates, lower fuel consumption and surcharges, and better inventory management helps keep your budget in line.
  • Expertise
    We have professional chemical and liquid delivery specialists at each rail ramp to provide ongoing dedicated service.

Make the hunt for capacity a thing of the past. Email us or call us today at 920-592-5025 and we’ll show you how Bulk Intermodal can deliver great results, time after time.

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