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 Schneider makes short work of long-haul bulk liquids.

Schneider introduces the latest innovation in cross country shipping of liquid bulk chemicals – Bulk Intermodal.

Intermodal shipments of liquid bulk chemicals open up a whole new world of possibilities for your supply chain. This exclusive service is one more way Schneider is creating more capacity to keep up with your growing needs — especially for cross country moves to the West Coast.

  • Flexibility
    As the number of long-haul bulk carriers continues to shrink, Schneider gives you multiple capacity options to help manage your supply chain.
  • Control
    With Schneider’s rail relationships and company-owned dray assets, we deliver a truck-like experience with all the control and accountability you need to ensure flawless performance.
  • Cost Effective
    Competitive linehaul rates, lower fuel consumption and surcharges, and better inventory management helps keep your budget in line.
  • Sustainable
    The rail moves save fuel, emissions and lower your carbon footprint, making Schneider the industry leader in sustainable long-haul bulk liquid and chemical moves.
  • Protection
    We have dedicated chemical and liquid delivery specialists on hand for safe loading and unloading.

Trust your freight to the bulk professionals at Schneider Bulk Services. Call us today at 920-592-5025 or e-mail us.

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