Intermodal Services



Eastern Core

Stretch you dollar a whole lot further.

Schneider Intermodal’s Eastern Core service is the best-cost play for moving freight anywhere in the Eastern United States. If you’re tired of dealing with capacity constraints, you’ll find relief with our intermodal service. We’ve got dependable capacity available to get your freight where it needs to go, when it needs to be there.

And thanks to our long-term rail agreement with CSX, you can ship to traditionally high-cost, hard-to serve markets like Florida and the Northeast for up to a third less than the cost of over-the road. By taking advantage of regional modal conversion, you will enjoy truck-like service with intermodal rates.

Cut costs without cutting corners:

  • Receive priority placement and service along the most expedient rail routes
  • Take advantage of the best price and delivery times along power lanes like:
    • Chicago — Northeast
    • Northeast — Southeast
    • St. Louis — Northeast
    • Midwest — Southeast
  • Get real-time monitoring of your freight so you always know its exact location
  • Enjoy reliable, door-to-door, truck-like service
  • Stop worrying about shrinking truckload capacity and take advantage of modal conversion
  • Help meet your organization’s sustainability initiatives through energy efficiencies that are as much as twice that of truck transportation

As an asset-based provider, Schneider Intermodal gives you more flexibility, greater control and a single point of contact throughout the shipping process. Contact us today and put our 75+ years of transportation excellence to work for you.

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