Intermodal Services



Canada Border Crossing

Rail shipments that fly across the Canadian border.

Schneider Intermodal’s Canada Direct knows the ins and outs of the cross border process,whether it is up North or down South. Shipments are pre-cleared to move across the border without costly delays. Instead of trying to facilitate a shipment with a dray provider, to the ramp, coordinating with the rail provider, managing the ramp, getting clearance through customs, facilitating the border/transfer, again dealing with the next level of customs and finally arriving to the dock, choose Schneider to do all of it for you. Schneider Intermodal takes the complexity out while making the move seamless and timely, throughout all of North America.

Count on Schneider customer service to speed things along by providing preclearance customs notification before the train even leaves the initiating ramp, and to have completed all the necessary paperwork long before your load reaches the border.


From Canada to Mexico, whether coming or going, Schneider Intermodal makes international shipping fast, efficient and painless.

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