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Fuel Conservation
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Fuel Conservation

Running the Most Energy Efficient Fleet in the Industry.

Schneider’s approach to maintaining the most energy-efficient fleet is based on a long-term commitment to testing new technologies and implementing operating policies to conserve fuel.

In 1991, Schneider added intermodal service to provide shippers with additional cost-effective, reliable service options. Intermodal transportation is, on average, two times more energy-efficient than over-the-road transport.

Schneider has grown its Intermodal service offering significantly and uses two of the most energy-efficient railroads – CSX and BNSF – as its primary rail providers. Both the CSX and the BNSF joined Schneider as charter members of the EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership program and have invested billions of dollars on low-emission, more fuel-efficient locomotives. Since 1980, the railroad industry has improved locomotive fuel efficiency by over 80 percent.

As an asset-based intermodal provider, utilizing company-employed drivers and company-owned equipment, Schneider ensures maximum fuel efficiency for the over-the-road component of all intermodal shipments.

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